Thanks again for the rain, Vancouver; I was beginning to think it was finally summer!  

Hey guys, Dino here with a little update on the last couple of StreetMeals.

I set out this morning not feeling very happy about the heavy rain that was about to really wake me up but then I thought about how the people on the street feel. I went to my local Tim Hortons and found a man named Adam who I see on a regular basis when walking by there. He was absolutely drenched and was using an old, broken children’s kite as an umbrella.

The weather was not exactly ideal for making omelettes, so I asked him if I could buy him some coffee and some food, and if he was willing to come inside and give me some of his time.

My first question was why he was sitting outside in the rain when he could be sitting inside the Tim Hortons or inside any other shelter or establishment. His answer was simple; “I can’t ask people for anything or I get in trouble from the people working here. How else am I going to make money?”

Well, digging in trash for empties is not exactly easy when itss windy and rainy – I had to give in to that. This was just one example how something as simple as donating an umbrella would make Adam’s day that much more bearable. Another thought I had was that Adam would not be outside the Tim Hortons if there was a program set up by the local business to somewhat support Adam by means of Food or other donation. Even shelter from the rain and a complementary meal would help. Or even donating their recyclable goods at the end of each working day.

There needs to be systems where the business community supports the people living on the streets in one way or another. The amount of resources companies in Vancouver have and are able to leverage are more than enough to support all the homeless people in the city if done effectively.  Clothing companies, restaurants and manufacturing companies all have so much surplus material or stock that, if leveraged properly, can save thousands of people. Businesses need to be more socially responsible. Immediately.

Adam was very interested in the project and told me that he would round up some friends of his friends so that we can have a group meal and discussion on Thursday of this week, so I am excited to witness a group reaction to the project!

Thanks again for your time and if you have any project ideas please contact us at