It is time StreetMeals evolved. The project needs to expand, and to do this we need a much more powerful force than 3 men and a portable cooker. It is time to involve the vancouver business community. Specifically the restaurant community. It is time for vancouver to show the same world famous hospitality to its own people. The restaurants need to extend the courtesy of their services to those who are not fortunate enough to afford the luxury of dining at the many desirable spots in the city. So how do we do this? Here is an idea: MealShare

A combination of regular donations by participating restaurants and funds raised by the MealShare Team will result in x number of meals per month.

The meals (in form of VOUCHERS available for sale at participating restaurants.) lpus the monthly agreed on amount of meals donated by the restaurant will be effectively distributed to those in the BC low income housing community.

Some families will be given vouchers in order to go claim their complementary meal at the restaurant whenever they like, and some individuals will be placed on a regular meal plan with a certain amount of meals allocated to them every month depending on their circumstance)

At this point we have one participating restaurant which we will announce during the next few days once we have implemented the program for the first test run.

The aim of the MealShare project is to create a powerful network of businesses in the community that can support the people in need around them. Its almost like optional taxes but with food. For example when you buy a meal at a participating restaurant, if you can afford it buy one additional meal in the form of a voucher which the StreetMeals team can then distribute to someone who really needs it.

If a project like this grows significantly, with the amount of restaurants in this city we can feed everybody that is hungry every single day. All that is required is cooperation from the businesses and some generosity from the regular customer.

Ill update you all soon!