The ultimate goal? Go global.

If it could become the norm for every restaurant owner to feel responsible for the nourishment of the less fortunate living in their city then we sure would have a lot less people dying of starvation in some 3rd world countries. In places where one simple meal would tilt the bar towards life or death, the gesture of buying someone a meal and it being distributed effectively is LIFE SAVING EVERY TIME.

A meal that would cost somebody $10 Canadian in Vancouver could feed an entire family in congo. This is why a global outreach is necessary. Setting up relationships with food services in foreign countries and implementing the MealShare program will allow those people to benefit from the value of our strong dollar currency. We can give donors the option of where there donation goes. Local or international. We plan to create a network of participating restaurants in different geographic locations.

Starting on the first of December we hope to introduce new members in Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

Will update you all soon! Thanks for reading and supporting the program!